Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Confliction

In 19 days, I'll turn sixteen years old. And all I've been doing is contemplating on even wanting to turn 16 because it'll mean another step of growing older and growing responsibility. Do I want to take on even more responsibility? I mean i already feel extremely suffocated with everything going on in my social and school life right now, that do I really want to add on to my own stress and problems with more things to worry about. My mind i always all over and I can never even concentrate anymore. Being young your supposed ti have fun and enjoy every inch of your existence on this cruel earth, but instead I feel cluttered, like I need to run away from things for only a little while just so I can clear my head. I'm just so tired of everything and nobody ever listens to me. Thats why I write. A computer and a keyboard will always be there to listen. Writing sets me free. 

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