Wednesday, October 24, 2012

High School

I like the idea of being able to roam free, not getting assigned certain assignments and saying this is due this day. It's a major change for me. All of my life and probably all of yours as well, the teachers have all been the same, they tell you they care when they don't, they throw a stack of papers on your desk and say this is due tomorrow. But here and now it's much more different. I'll be honest I don't cope well with change, if you go along with something for so long and it's never been different, you've known it that way for as long as you can remember and then someone just goes and changes the way it's done. It does scare me, and maybe that’s not good thing. The thought of growing older and gaining this freedom that we've gained in this school as you rise on the high school food chain, as your future that you've always dreamt of comes to life. But it's so much more complex then you've ever imagined. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of these days, you watched the movies of the pretty girl that was the cheerleading captain and dressed like a model to school, with the football captain boyfriend. But it's so much more than that, all that stuff is made up and you never knew, I never knew. You thought this would be a piece of cake, but this journey you embark on is real. You need to prepare yourself and you were never told that, but here I am, telling you that. Now these things I dreamt of are honestly my worst fears, growing up from the little girl I was isn't easy and it never has been, but I learned at a young age, life is short and life is hard. You need to make your decisions based on the long run not based on the moment and you need to mature out as soon as you can, the world won't deal with your immaturity the way your parents do. And by the tenth grade, some people just haven't figured that out yet, those are the people I feel sorry for. Those kids with the fake outlook, the ones that see high school as you do in the movies. You’re going to mess up and things won't always be perfect, but you need to make the best of a situation and be ready to walk the long winding road. So take it from me, you better lace up.

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