Monday, January 28, 2013

For Future Generations

We've been talking about some pretty serious stuff in school, and I'm encouraged to get engaged by writing a blog on some of the topics. I've tried my hardest for this to represent my honest opinion accurately and appropriately. Our world shapes its citizens to be workers in our society. We're all shaped out to rush to be better and be forced to do well, to always do what we're told, to take orders. But that's where our world goes wrong, has always gone wrong. As Emerson's "The American Scholar" shows, this has been the case for quite a long time now. 

Instead of telling kids what to do and feeding them things they may never need, how about we shape the future generation based on what they are good at? Maybe some kids excel in one subject, but do poor in another. Yes, I understand kids need the basics, preschool through eighth grade is basic, but high school should be full of real choices, choices made by you. Choices that affect YOUR future. 

High school should be full of things you like, things you're good at, things you want to do. Looking around at the kids in this class, I no longer see kids, I see futures. I see authors, salesmen, business people, managers, artists, journalists, news workers, most importantly hard workers, I see students that deserve more. I like this idea of someone like me and any other average teenager making differences. We need to sing to the world until the world starts dancing.

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